Updating and Maintaining

We are here to help with the day-to-day maintenance and repair items as well as improve the efficiency of your home. Simple upgrades and correct material selection can save you hundreds of dollars such as new LED lights or installing a tankless water heater so you are not wasting energy heating water you are not using. 

We can help you with adding insulation, replacing outdated lights, plumbing fixtures, new tile floors, door handles, installing towel bars and wall patching just name a few. 

Working Together

 Below are a few standard labor prices for budgeting purposes and are for basic plug and play installations.: 

  • Light Replacement $35, Fans $75
  • Outlet and switch replacement $25 each
  • Toilet Replacement $125
  • Plumbing Fixture Replacement $85 Bathroom/ $125 Kitchen
  • Kitchen Disposal Replacement $125
  • Kitchen Sink and Fixture Replacement $150-250
  • Interior Door handle replacement $35
  • Exterior Handle sets replacement $55
  • Door slab replacement - Mortise & install door and hardware $120 

We can work with you to provided just labor or we can do a turnkey and pick up all the materials. 

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